Omicron II --- Upper Deck
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The Upper Deck features most of the support chambers for long range missions.


 1> Forward Observation Center: This section houses the Atmoprobe launchers and equipment to analyze & monitor probe readings. Lander readings can also be monitored here as well. Position (a) is the computer data bank station and position (b) is the four probe launch tubes, additional atmoprobes and remote probes can be stored in the niche areas as well.

 2> Security Corridor

 3> Standard Accessway

 4> Forward Airlock: deck hatch leads down to the main deck

 5> Science Lab: the Environmental Officer can perform all research in this lab.

 6> Medical Lab: Accomodations for two patients and all surgical equipment and supplies needed for a person with medical skills to utilize for any medical attention, up to and including major surgeries. A fresher is also inthis room.

 7> Back-up Life Support: similar to the primary LS unit below on the main deck

 8> Hydroponics

 9> Port Airlock: deck hatch leads down to the main deck

10> Starboard Airlock: deck hatch leads down to the main deck

11> Central Airlock: upper hatch leads to dorsal laser turret

12> Repair Shop: full shop for technical and smaller engineering repairs.

13> Robotics Shop: full shop for robotics assembly and repair

14> Back-up Power Supply: This large parabattery bank stores enough emergency power to maintain most electrical functions of the Omicron for up to four 20 hour days, these batteries recharge once the main drives are ignited.

15> Small Parts Storage

16> Aft Airlock: deck hatch leads down to the main deck, upper hatch leads to outer hull hatch

17> Engineering: all systems can be monitored here at positions (a), position (b) is a workpod bin.