Omicron II Officers
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Meet the officers of the Omicron II


Commander Valerie Louise Jameson

Daughter of former Commander Louis V. Jameson, of the original Volturnus expedition. Worked for Streel and the Truane's Star militia prior to enrolling into Gollwin. Following graduation she worked under Spacefleet for ten years, mustering out as a reserve engineer on the Light Cruiser Courageous. Valerie transfered over to the Star Fighter Corps for a few tours as well, picking up the piloting trade and a tenure of teaching as well. Louise lost her left hand during boarding maneuvers involving a vessel suspected of smuggling Sathar agents. She is eager to map out the Vast Freehold sector and bring some justice back to the pirates that killed her father.

Randalf Tylappar

Son of Garlus Tylappar, Randalf picked up his technical skills and some basic starship engineering serving under his father briefly aboard the SS Gullwind. After learning about his father's demise and an ammendment to the will, he challenged the inheritance of his father's fine ship. One of the conditions for him to reverse the judgement was he needed to be able to pilot the vessel, a skill he learned in the Star FIghter Corps but sadly not by the deadline allowed by the appeal. He signed on with the Omicron with hopes of finding the Malthar, following the rumor that he is hiding out in the Vast Freehold.

He wears his father's flight jacket and blaster.


Dasrintis has a legacy with the Omicron II, he had family members that worked on the original Omicron before it was lost and recovered. He had a hand in the Omicron II design team as well, and serves as the ship's chief engineer.


Dorgue was a former Star Devil astrogator who surrendered to the Truane's Star battle fleet following the Sathar invasion of Volturnus. PGC petitioned for a pardon in return for his cooperation and knowledge of the organized piracy ring, and he also knows the travel route to the Vast Freehold gateway system.

Member of the rare Hyrkania clan, noted for their larger build, speed & reflexes, and the silver lightning bolt logo they wear. Due to the small nature of the clan and close relations of their members, the lacking desire of inbreeding has forced them to seek out other members of the clan who journeyed to other systems in order to prevent the extinction of their kind. Ren-Karu has worked off and on with PGC and signed on as one of the Omicron II gunners.

Immediate clan sister to Ren-Karu, Jen-Kari wasn't blessed with their clan's larger build. Rather she came up as a "runt" of the litter, topping off shy of 1.5 meters tall and a measly 42 kilograms. But the curse of a small build didn't deny her of the clan heritage, she is still a ferocious fighter despite her small size. She signed on with her brother as a gunner to the Omicron II.


A Barakha clan Yazirian, Mrak-a-Geego was one of the members of the original Omicron recovery team. She is now the Crew Chief of the Omicron II (and serves as an assistant Astrogator on the bridge), coordinating and commanding many of the other original recovery team members who signed on with the ship's replacement.