Omicron II Crew Members
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Meet the Crew Members of the Omicron II



Ra-Faela >>>

A predominantly human Venusia clan Yazirian, Ra-Faela signed on as the ship's Environmental Officer and is in charge of the science lab along with the readouts from the atmoprobes and lander. She will be recording all the pertinent information during the venture into the Vast Freehold.

She replaces Ikikiktl, who sought work elsewhere following the decommissioning of the original Omicron.

<<< Shiela DeLong

One of the original Omicron recovery team members. Shiela is the chief roboticist onboard the Omicron II now.

Klikilitl >>>

Klikilitl is another one of the original Omicron recovery team members. She followed her friends and signed on as the cheif medical officer for the Omicron II.

<<< Goliath

Due to his ungainly size (for an Ifshnit) and a lacking desire towards the merchant trade, Goliath fled the Ifshnit society of Capella to seek out an enforcer job in the Frontier. PGC was quick to hire him, seeing potential in a short yet stocky strong-man. Once he started earning a steady income he had his body hair medically removed to dismiss his Ifshnit heritage. To that end, he has also acquired a taste for meat.

He signed on with the new Omicron II team, replacing Gloopurp who met an unfortunate demise from the end of a pirate's blaster during one of the final Omicron missions.

Burug >>>

Yet another of the original Omicron recovery team members. Burug stuck with his longtime friends, and between the decomissioning of the original Omicron and the launch of the new one he picked up a Technician skill and a newfound joy in hovercycling in addition to his role as an enforcer.

<<< Ook-A-Lug

Another Barakha clan Yazirian and original member of the Omicron recovery team. Ook-A-Lug followed his clan-cousin Mrak-a-Geego and his other companions and signed on to the new Omicron II as an enforcer crew member.

Nok-A-Lug >>>

Nok-a-Lug has been associated with various outlaw hovercycle clubs for the past few years and while he never committed to joining any of them, all that has taken its toll on him after a brief prison sentence as a result of a gun running charge. Once he got his hovercycle out of impound, he ran into his direct clan brother Ook-A-Lug who convinced him to sign on as an enforcer to the new Omicron II, replacing former recovery team member Walt Ramson.

Following a stint at New Hope going up against a ruthless band of slavers and their allied outlaw hovercyclists, Dosarmas ran into an old acquaintance while taking a ride on his hovercycle named Nok-A-Lug (a.k.a. "Lug Nut") who talked him into signing on to the new Omciron II crew. Dosarmas is now attempting to recruit some of his new friends that he made in the Triad ordeal.